Great Plains Emerging Tribal Writer Award 2016 Winner: Cliff Taylor



Celebration Reading: Monday, March 21, 2016, 2:00pm in the Hobo Gallery Room, SDSU Student Union

Cliff Taylor is an enrolled member of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. He has a book of poetry titled Coming Back From Sundance that he hopes the stars will align for him to publish someday soon as well as a memoir, Old Flames, about art, spirituality, friends, love, survival, and Indians, that he is semi-busily hacking away at the second draft of. He currently resides in Lincoln, NE, paying his bills by working overnights at his beloved gas station.

Our other finalists for this year’s award included:

Louis Night Walker- Screenplay                                                                                                           Ritanshu Sharma- To My Lord (poetry)                                                                                               Rayna Hernandez- Selected poetry