Steven Wingate

Steven Wingate is a multi-genre author whose work ranges from poetry to gaming. His books include the short story collection Wifeshopping (2008) and the novel Of Fathers and Fire, forthcoming from the University of Nebraska Press. His digital works include the memoir daddylabyrinth and the interactive novel Boulderpeople, forthcoming from Choice of Games in 2018. Visit

Craft Talk: “Digital Literature: What it is and Why Humans Do It” 

Since the incorporation of computers into our everyday lives, our traditional concepts of literature have been challenged and augmented by the possibilities of computation. Computers have written poetry that can’t be distinguished from human product, and they allow us to expand from monolinear story to branching and condition-based narrative. This craft talk will provide an overview of digital literature’s history and present from an author whose practice straddles both the traditional and digital realms.